Saturday, January 19, 2008


I love rain...why? supposedly because it gives me peace & calm. Yes, it is an extrinsic source of calm...but what matters is it gives me a consolation of intrinsic peace i've strived to achieve once so many times. To console myself perhaps..or positively speaking to encourage. Ahhh, so elusive the goal..what we have and what we wish to have. I wonder...when will this heart and mind of mine open to see the world?

I do wonder..why do people strive to be on top of the other..on what purpose? To satisfy our own ambitions..desires..wants? To make the world a better place once we are on top? (is it necessary to be on the top to do so?) To prove to ourselves that we are capable where others have faltered? To do ourselves and our kin a favour? To realise our potential and talents? To be remembered?

To be someone?

Is it true?

Or is it the damning thought that we are just plain selfish?
Just like how would a creeper plant fight to be above the tree. So, are all of us selfish?


..because in this world...the weakest dies..earliest..and the stronger dies too..later..

But why be selfish...when in the end we shall all die the same death. We won't be remembered forever thereafter..and will we still remember the satisfaction, success, ambition, talents and potential once we are dead?

I don't know why...perhaps we are still too small-minded to see the truth of it or we are simply too selfish to believe in unselfish thought. Even if we do, we are too cowardly to carry out the thought. We are still too 'animalistic' or maybe 'plantilistic' despite our 'civilisation'. Okay, so our civilisation is flawed..but I don't know..what do I know? I just know I am selfish, you are selfish and we all are.

Nice rain..time for bed..animal..

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I love my bed..I think I've fell deeply in love with it..oh, i can already feel d melancholy of caressing rough pillows and sunk beds all the while longing its touch and perfectly shaped to my so dreamyyy...mmmph..

enough of my affair with the was freshly different then any other day..Yes, the rot has set in..but it won't stay for long..maybe because I felt so positively in sync when I ran for about a mile or so..not much..but adequate jolt to bring mannequin me to life..i ought push myself to do more of this exercizing thg..its long fitness is probably languishing near the fitness of a least they swim and attempt to fly..i don't..

okayyy...i'll get back to my cradle of life then...

Sunday, December 30, 2007

it does makes sense to it the same for u?

1) Through ignorance are conditioned volitional actions of Kamma formation

2) Through volitional actions actions are conditioned consciousness

3) Through consciousness are conditioned mental and physical phenomena

4) Through mental and physical phenomena are conditioned the six faculties, ie. five physical sense - organs and mind

5) Through the six faculties are conditioned sensorial and mental contact

6) Through sensorial and mental contact is conditioned sensation

7) Through sensation is conditioned desire

8) Through desire is conditioned clinging

9) Through clinging is conditioned the process of becoming

10) Through the process of becoming is conditioned birth

11) Through birth are conditioned decay, death, sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and despair.

what wise has to be an understatement...some serious stuff to think of.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I have answers but i crave for more

The year is ending soon..and i really can't believe that i've been to and back of australia within this short space of a year. This entry, hopefully, will sum up my entire year to the extent where i can remember. sorry if what i say does not make sense cause right now..inspiration is probably at a zero, emotion is at a negative and brain activity is at the rate of a 2year old.

before summing up the year, i think i'll just leave a comment on smtg i read earlier.. going thru my friend's blog titled reckoner...(so i guess since ur d reckoner..i can be d 'answer-er') i eyes skimmed thru the words..what-----is---happiness---need---what?? to be happy??---sorry but thats what is printed in my mind when i read thru d brain cells knows no grammar sadly@.@. Probably a year ago, i would be beset by the same annoying so many people do...old young..i can recall so many times when people ask themselves this example of a comment from my fren: life is like a sine wave..and i wish i could full rectify it..or better make it into a y=e^x^9999999 graph.
So, happiness as i have learned from this one year of (what should i call it??? crap + perfume?) is just this 3 words:

I love you.

No no no, i was just kidding:P

it's actually 2words:
No attachments.

how u interpret it can be entirely up to for me, i spent many long quiet days thinking about my my virtual the river..lying on the big open front of d tv..and in d bathroom=) it makes quiet a peaceful place:)

I guess since i have understood happiness.."application of happiness is another question altogether (doesn't mean that i'm always grinning all d time 24/7) ..and thank God cause that means i'm still human and normal at that" But since i have understood it, i feel i the need to let those close to me know of u know..u dun hav2 spend so much time in d toilet tinking about d bathroom (which would be extremely time-saving for girls)..haha..fine fine, so not everyone does that, but to those who do..hip hip hurray! And to my fren diki, i hope this answer will ensure that u will not hav2 face the same question again when ur 50.
And also, i must give thanks to the many rooms i lived in, the fresh air by the river,the green grass, the tv box and the toilet walls for "inspiring" me to understand this complex answers. However the greatest credit goes to my dad, Buddha and Dhamma (Buddha's teachings), for explaining to me wherever and whenever i fell short of understanding. As for the interpretations, i shall leave u to it and try my best not to pollute ur understanding with mine=) hehe..

So, am i happy..

ok, i'm not going to continue with 2007 summary anymore..i'm too lazy to edit be bring it on 2008...bring me to life...yet again...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Strange..i feel myself compelled to write here at this hour at this's 1.06am on boxing day..i feel i have plenty of questions in my mind..questions to which i am grateful i have answers to..but i believe my mind is too constricted to see the broader view of things..i guess the answers to my questions aren't clear enough in my head even with the answers i already have. So here i am awake at 1am in the morning..passing time away and pondering over these answers and over how i should have it clear in my head..i guess the child-like emotions and worldly distractions are still a part of everyday life..and it won't go away..Maybe those emotions and narrow-mindedness will wither away each season..but distractions? nahh..i doubt so without a conscious effort..The more i think about these answers..the more sense i see of it..and the more disjointed thoughts i discover..but i guess i'm still green in heart..white in soul. I need to have faith...but it comes from experience..because experience gives proof of what lies ahead. wait a min, but that won't be faith it believing then.

Thank goodness i'll be able to wake up late 2morrow. I think the lifestyle of aussie kids..studying at frenetic pace in the shortest period and holidaying to the max over the long hols is kinda tiring and draining..even the hols are sapping me up..haha...but not the slightest's worth it..i mean the hols Only..other than that is epl managers say..grinding out least thats what i say for my 1st year..

change of topic..(how i wish i am able to type in a semi-conscious state, that'd be so cool and i don't have to bother to disentangle my messed up thoughts..)

oh crap, what did i want to say? it comes back..swt..old d..well, now that it's back..i'm's see all that grumbling up there isn't about a bad day..instead i think i had the best christmas for..err..yeah..i think the best christmas in this lifetime..there were others better but it was on it doesn't family don't really celebrate christmas..the cheery family mood is there but nothing decorative to show that we are celebrating. So, the lack of doesn't really matter to me at least. The day was excellent because i met up with some supportive friends whom i've been keen to meet up with...the best seating position in the cinema combined with chipmunks well worth watching..the swashbuckling aluminium foil thingy...the dizzying lights of old town...the listen to wyun's 'interesting bigtales' and watching my fren roll her eyes, hilarious...the pleasant rain..the nice drivers i meet..the visit to my best fren's room..hadn't been there for the longest time..the unexpected invitation to full tummy..the dinner table warmth and laughter..the delicious food..the electric guitar..the drive back..the 30 over messages i had to reply tonite(it all came in a barrage..which is extremely weird..i got sick of replying halfway thru)...the humble meal mum prepared..i feel most comfortable eating at home and eating mum's food....the meal was just rice..egg and green vege and a bowl of simple..what's better den this..those ppl who are rich and old now must b craving for such a meal..a meal cooked by mum of rice, egg and vege..hehe, can eat til of cos i still do enjoy other food ler..good food..expensive food..whatever..but in terms of comfort,home and hearth..nothing beats it..i'm glad i came home to eat today..soo glad...hmm..okay..that's the reasons why today is so enjoyable and memorable(for the rice).

woohoo..and i wonder why do i have so little to write..i think its just me too lazy to relay output from my brain to fingers..

what else should i say..i wanna sleep...and i think the hype and happiness balloon in me have expanded too big a size and a screw just busted...

thank you for such a nice day everyone..zzz..

Jing Han slept at 2.25am today.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

In need of a extra extra extra extra brain..and an extra soul..

Yesterday night was a pleasant night..a night MU won 4-0 thrashing wigan united..felt extremely high with the team's win..yea..they are something like my life and bread and butter..for hard times as well as good times..In times of hardship, it inspires u to fight battle march on..full of passion and verve never to give in..although sometimes u feel so weak like i do now..and in times of joy and bonds u closer to friends and family and to every being out there..the joy of cheering and beaming widely when the team wins..d feeling of togetherness..

Yeah..last night win was fantastic and my mood was d same as well..but this morning it had darkened into a full blown cyclonic clouds waiting to be unleashed..I was literally pumping my fist wif yesterday's win when i stopped all work in uni at nite to chat wif diki and update each other on d score and consoling each other on y we should not b sad altho we both miss watching d goals..The worse part was i told him and myself that i could get to watch the goals in youtube come morning when some good samaritans hav uploaded it..this morning..i did find them...d videos..just couldn't watch them..all removed due to copyrights...I can seriously curse alot right now...There are millions of EPL videos in youtube y must they take of the very ones i wanted to watch..ruined my b denied such simple joy of watching a goal..(my heart is in first the thought of not watching wasn't that really impactful on me..but somehow this and some really sucky thgs which happened to me in an interval of 12hours turned a really bright MU win into a rather shitty night plus dawn for me..this plus all d crappy stuff which happened den culminated into me feeling extremely sorry for myself now as i type altho i dun feel so bfr this..i guess..typing this only serve to amplify my "i feel so pathethic" feeling..

oh..some of the shitty stuff included a security guard and my 2hsemates..sort of my death messenger like dat..I'll tell u in short what actually happened..Yesterday morning enjoyed a long cycle down river torrens and watched pelicans..cleared my head up for the week I that i'm ready for the next..yeah, it really does look like i'm dragging myself to the finish line isn't it? The fact is I am. I studied in computing suite again from afternoon to nite..check d scores of d soccer match and had a nice chat wif diki which actually made me feel better..altho we just crap about soccer..smtm crapping about other stuff rather den d problem itself is smtg i treasure more..cos it makes me happy rather den talk about my problems to other ppl..smtm it works..some reli good frens bring u up wif a joke or two..but most of d time..i find myself deeper in d well of wallow...So yea, i appreciated the lift in spirit from frens who bought me lunch while i studied in d suite and frens from afar who keep my spirits up with non-sensical stuff that keeps that silly smile plastered to my face..But yea, after 12 midnite..i continued studying..(d reason i'm pushing myself so hard is cause of smtg..very hard to explain..i'll juz put it as intuition)..on and on until around 4am in d morning..den i couldn't stand anymore just doze off on my book..d other only guy in d suite wif me was already on d floor..head on his bag..den when i woke up he was gone..den i closed my eyes n tried to get enuf rest sumore..den came d unexpected part..a security guard came into d suite and said this to me: "hello can't sleep here..y don't u pack ur bag and leave...go back home. The tone was threatening..and while i woke up startlingly..i got my specs on and didn't reply anythg..too blur to say anythg altho i wanted to..but nth came out of my mouth..and dat bloody S.O.B guard just walk off..he didn't hav2 do dat..i dun noe y he said that to me..cos ever since d suite was super super seniors hav been sleeping and studying there ever since bfr dat guard even started working here..and i hav seen so many ang mor and asians alike sleep on d computer tables, chairs lined up..floor and etc since i came here..i never did any of those so only sleeping position so far was to slump n d chair and sleep on d table..arms folded as pillow..uncomfortable as it might b..i was too tired to be bothered by d uncomfortable feeling..just dozed off..And there is a sign in d suite which says no food and this n that but no sleeping? People sleep in the library and almost d bus..etc etc..all i did was sleep on my book..what sin did i make to compel him to come forward with such threatening tone??!!!... This really pisses me off..I don't even recognise da bloody guard cos juz woke up..i juz rmbr he's fat and white...a globular of fat and human excreta wif the face of a pig i imagine..Pardon me..but FU** u..Yeah rite..go "home" case he didn't noe not everyone is so lucky to have a home to go back to everyday..I think i could live wif dat threat in his voice..but what hurt me most was d way he said "go home"...i get a feeling dat this guy is racist..if u interpret wat he says in different fashion u'll noe what i mean..d way malays ask chinese go back to china..yeah..racists is united regardless of colour and religion...that's d only common thg they share..whites, malays..all from d same shit..they r all da same..juz listen to how they speak to u and u'll find out..Yeah, so if i did sleep in d computing suite what's he gonna do to me..? Suspend me from using the computers for catching a nap in the suite..that's gotta b d most ridiculous thg i've ever heard of..imagine banning ppl from library just cos they sleep on d table..Oh ya..must rmbr also..not that i'm preventing anyone else from using d comps..den tats reasonable..all d 6computing suites were empty..just 2 n one more guy who hav already left..I wanted to write a letter to dat bloody guard but i felt it's a waste of my time..This sort of ppl wun ever understand other ppl..cos they always take their own "home" for granted..thats y they tink they can go about making other people's life worse cos they tink everyone has a home..Until now..i still cannot quell my hatred for him altho shortly after he left i calmed myself down and recite some prayers to ease the hurt..There i was in d middle of nowhere..alone..out of d blue must target me..i dunno y..Sooner or later i'm going to recognise d guard..i know i will know who it is by the very 1st word he speaks to me if i happen to b listening some other time...perhaps i'l giv him a piece of my mind too..over smtg out of d blue as well..let him taste his own medicine..So, as soon as i finished d remaining chapters that i had planned to cover i left d suite..still wif dat pint size of hate in me..i'm not gonna waste my energy on that sob...he'll get his lesson someday..Wait till when d exams are nearer and u'll c an influx of students staying overnite in uni already..and it'll b noisy u can't study also..sleep also so many ppl..yea..and dat time dat bloody guard dun even care..juz cos i'm alone dun mean he got right to ask me to leave..dat bloody suite is 24/7 and i entered wif a fully authorised access card..and yet wanna make i said..i'm complaining so much cos he chose d wrong words wif me..if he didn't evoke d word home..i probably would juz cast him off as another weirdo in this city of weirdoes..But he juz had to day that. Now i know what it means, when i read the book on US military strategic planning..when they state a general rule of ground battle is to never block the enemy's march back home at all cost...U gotta b dumb to stand in d way of an army returning home from a protracted war..same thg here i noe d anguish of being far away from home..probably i can imagine d situation in war too..probably 10times worse den i am..homesickness plus seeing people die everyday..d lethargy..whatever it is..never stop a returning army. SOOO, i left d suite having completed my work and cycled to mcd for breakfast..took takeaway..another cold morning..i was cycling so slowly..d wind was blowing cold and hard..i tink if i were to cycle any faster..i would turn into a block of ice sliding down the road..frozen..i was wearing only 1 sweater and a long pants..which explains everythg..smtg like in penang..haih..i cycled on and on cursing d wind, gritting my teeth and squinting my eyes as gust after gust of wind slalom onto my face..haih...i can curse d wind all day long i tell u..frusfrating..since i come here i hav begin to swear and curse alot..actually..i tink i started to curse and swear penang..nth tat bad 2 piss me off until can swear juz like dat..d worse it ever gets when smtg sucky happens was just..shit la..tats all...come here.."berjenis-jenis" i swear alot la..onot if bottled inside..i tink it's even worse..tats how y depressed ppl must b given chance to swear and curse all they wan..take dat frusfration i rmbr smtg funny..i dunno where i watched it la..i tink was it journey to d west ar..some 2fella go up d mountain and den scream all d maki maki stuff lah..and den d tv screen show their mouth move so fast..den all d symbols come out big big over d mountain like musical notes lidat..hahahahha..tats so funny in..Lalalallalalalala...

oh, and den reach home lor...den find d youtube thg dun hav sad..aussie wif their National d.RUG.g.BY League and their beer intoxicated country..water also dun hav d 12 dream of drinking beer sumore..morons la..wait till d drought dry up australia d den only stop drinking beer i tink..evryday meet drunkards..oh ya.din cerita tat aborigine teens usual..on booze..and sumore 2 girls drinking beer in d computing suite at nite lidat..they were obviously drunk..can smell and they were talking dirty sumore wif some guy at d back..haihh..luckily i hav my earphones to block off the unwanted disturbance..thank God they din vomit in d suite la..onot i hav2 move into another one sumore..i rmbr sumore a few weeks ago.cycle to church to get smtg from nite ler..pass this bunch of middle aged usual..see trouble, sense trouble, smell trouble d..i speed up lo as usual..n den they saw me coming they started shouting ask me stop..when i didn't they gav juz cycle as fast as possible loh..nonit to worry so much..wear high heels run damn slow..unlike d aborigine yao ming height and probably can run 100metres under 12 or 13 secs..tat wan just pray hard tat they r not targeting u la..gotta act cool and at ease..same like dogs only..when u run they chase even more..haih..i noe very bad compare them to tat but its d truth..d fact is d ang mor government made them lidat..i dun reli blame them..

so what happened after i had my breakfast and all dat was the 2 ekor come knocking on my i opened duly and stood there lo..what is it this they inform me dat i'll hav to move out in 3weeks exam is in 4weeks time..and if i move gotta b fast d..i got no plans as of now yet..thanks alot man..d reason given was that the landlord is taking d hse back cos the toilet is leaking n he wants 2 do again..i dun get 2 say anythg other den har har har..and just kena kick here and there..bloody idiots..and i just realised no wonder they ask me 2 pay rent so early this week..wanna tangkap tiao me lah..haih..idiots..hope they return my money la..or else i'm gonna lodge report wif consumer's tribunal d..make them pay for every cents..actually its hundred dollar..tat amount i wun juz don't care..So yea..what a bad time..but i wasn't that surprised lah..cos i wanted to move out after my exams also wan..go back penang..dun hav2 pay money for d remaining months while i'm in penang..expensive lor if gotta break i stand to lose..i went to legal counsel too..they advised me halfway on wat2 do..but looks like save me d energy la..nonit also d..they break d contract for me d:D altho i'm still not sure if d timing is right..hopefully everythg will b alrite there it goes..hav2 find a room for a month plus lidat until exams over den move out..gai far no idea where i told my parents immediately..but now as i type..i'm too tired to tink of any alternatives also lah..i'm planning to sleep for 5 to 6hours lidat and suddenly wake up wif an ingenious idea of where to move to, how to move, when to move, how to get d remaining $$ if d 2 ekor happens not wanting 2 return my remaining paid rent..and also where am i gonna keep my stuff all when i go back penang..hahahaha..don't worry..sure got "cue" wan..nonit to worry..d worse also sleep tepi jalan in comp in mcd and hungry jacks meal everyday..and to handle d security guard my smart ass idea is to sneak up d roof like olden china assasin style and blow d "sleeping gas drug" with a pipe into his security room only..or mayb more high tech is use digicam take photo of d comp suite, print out in colour and den use uhu glue stick the picture on the camera only..that way tat guard wun kacau me:D hahahhaha..haiya..wateva it is..i wished that i am able to move out from this hse after my exams..apparently got my wish earlier den wif it la..sure can long as get my money back and find a proper place for d time being and also importantly for the future..and also find hsemates if can..hmm..okie liao lah..go get some sleep d..nescafe is keeping me awake only..senses hav been dulled..cold day still..1.45pm d..goodnite-noon...zzz...

Friday, October 5, 2007

Thgs getting slightly better..

Should be getting better ler..after reading so much last nite..finally able to follow d lectures today..not so blur like d rest of d class d..hehe..physics is professor work wif world renowned scientist exciting listen to him talk about his experiences..working with the 1st man to create a modified mountain top showed us his holography skill cool..better den da normal illusion u c everyday..u can actually c smtg extremely complex wif his standing directly in front of d image ler but if u stand behind d hologram..u see nothing there..very hard to explain but extremely cool..for the first time d class not rushing out of d doors after class over..evryone staying back to his holography demonstration..not in syllabus lah but he showed anyway..for or interest..haha..well worth mentioning this one..and yea..designing with comps looks much more fun after the demo today..but no time for fun and explore new stuff d ler..exams around d corner..just a matter of cover all ASAP..bought lots of food to last me 2weeks also d..hmm..ate truffles wif cream yummy..but other den dat juz tired gua..i tink i'm gonna take a nap now..den wake up to study n chat abit hopefully..miss my chatting pulak d..yawn..hmm..better sleep d ler..altho dun feel sleepy but my brain not 100% anymore..feel abit blur lar..probably gonna twist and turn on d bed..blek..nth soothing to make me sleep..hmm..listen music to sleep den..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......i love sleeping..altho my fren once said dun sleep my life away..but i still like to sleep altho i sleep less n spend d hours pestering frens more n more d..ish..sumore dun12sleep..crap here sumore..miss my footie session today..stephen ask me..but giv excuses..altho real excuses wan..too sleepy to play football ler..later caught napping on the moment c me passing da ball and d next moment lie spread eagle on bag sleep on d grass..i tink i can reli sleep on d grass wan one day..just a matter of wat wakes me up..frens..some birds..rain or mayb robbers ler..tats y dun dare try yet..haha..aiya..tink of sleeping on grass tink of sleeping in pfs field pulak d at nite star nice..i'm sure some ppl herenoe wat i mean..those cool starry lau juak..camping and enjoying d bright moon and stars..i rmbr still..last time become blur rc leader chin chuan ask me go catch frogs wif kim kooi under orders of the committee during nite dark..grappling in d dark..sumore nvr catch one wif bare hands sked..nonit to say ler golden ghost also sked..ghost oso sked..sad we caught a few ler..i forgot how it feels in my hands..haha..i dun tink i dare touch d now..sumore catch what..dead lizards and cockroach wif hands..haha..all da disgusting stuff..all under orders do wan ler..onot not so sot go touch dat geli animals..i like catch ants the most..easiest..altho at nite damn hard 12find an ant also..all go home to d nest d. Wah..atc moments..sadly this year go back also dun tink get to enjoy atc..dunno how many malays in the unit d. My sleepwalk moment..sumore pee ter's collapsed gadjetry..mission failure..kesian..talent time..hahaha..had a good time laughing dat one..never cease to make me laugh wif the antics of dumb frees like us..from uncle hoi's blue remix of chicken rice to who wanna b a millionaire to some reli dirty jokes and acting and some sesated acting also..haha. can i forget..mock war and station games..chemical X..eggs,flour,waterbomb and last nite supper concoction we made ourselves..waterbomb filled wif tadpoles..hahaha..sumore i rmbr one damn geli wan probably some animal dung..altho i dun dare touch or go near also..i din handle tat wan..n how can i forget also..the trip around penang...what's dat event called d? haha, i'm in charge for it and i made it so nice i tink everyone enjoyed the "amazing race" i organised for them..among d best i'd created wif tua liap..but i sumbang all d was so hard..actually not hard la..just tat got one is group leader..race until sesat at teluk bahang..hahahha..blur case..dunno how from travel to esplanade can travel to teluk bahang..end up someone must go fetch him back..haha..and also d race up kek lok si temple..wahh..cun!!!! so tense..6groups all racing to reach the top of the pagoda to get d 3 complete maps to d next destination..d last 3 groups got pieces of jigsaw of the map only..hahaha..i'm so evil...hahaha..mayb tats y tat "cow" can sesat till teluk bahang lah..hahaha..aiyah..but watching them race is different sort of fun den racing around penang island yourself wif ur group cud i ever and sim yan san and jonathon easaw race against d like of ragu, kim kooi and other leader's group..haha..end up me n lagu work together cooperate til d end..haha..came in 1st and 2nd beat evry1 else..keng lar..da time me n ragu spend at GH eating mentos secretly while our senior find us(kenot eat wan actually)..swallow choco down our throats..we were dat hungry..chocs good cos provide boost in sugar level energy to race back..try walking penang island on foot wif only maggi mee in ur stomach for 2days..die lorrr..haha..last time was so lasak..i tink now..early early die d..kenot tahan d ler..either getting older..or hardship resistance wore down d..haha..
Hmmm..what else i miss..yah..i kinda miss d bonds made from marching..d spirit..d scorching own moments of dizziness under d sun..luckily din pengsan bfr lah.good record i wonder who pengsan bfr marching among the 13 of us? diki..u noe? hmmm..i dun tink hav hor..all can tahan last time..or was it tua liap ar..rmbr like carry him off lidat izit..can't rmbr...ohh..the joy..our everyday visit to jln terengganu eat lunch after training for all the inter-sch competition..haiyo..dat time..everyday go there eat until i won't d..will appreciate hawker food..hehe..Oh ya, until now melvin still owe da chicken rice auntie money la..hahaha..he super too much..ate d den he just walk bek to sch wif us..din pay at all..hahaha..too much lahh..hahahaha..until we ask him later he pay d onot..den only he realise..haha..must make a note bring him go there makan again d when i go back..hahahahaha..can't stop laughing d den just walk off syok..haha..I noe y d la..d auntie trust him too much din go collect money..haaa..haha..sumore what la..soo much sumore..youth park..can say one of d place we frequent quite alot during d skateboarding craze la..hmmm..when la wanna go rendam again? haha..wonder if ask them go end of this year they mau ar..altho i tink mayb every1 grow up d..dun12 get urself dirty or wet anymore..this time if reli manage to go must push a few ppl into d pool also d..haha..thx to those who pull me inside dat time..damn sad case tat time..i tink got "some ppl" forget bring spare underwear also la..go gurney afterthat wif d shape of superman design on d pants la..hahaha..lae siao..use shirt cover cover..@.@..hahahaha..what's funnier den dat ler..hmmm..i wanna join nighthunt this year if got..wanna be chased and hide..miss d andrenalin rush...hopefully buddy buddy join as well lo..if run alone is i understand y kuan thye prefer to hide when he comes back to our sch after form thg kenot run so fast and dun dare take risky jumps d..and frens ler..he came wif us not so siao..must run wif same age committee..hmmm..gotta identify the big big size members also lah..sked later kena tackle rugby style by them sure die..end up black green how chee seng kena by ah kooi..hahaha..tackle on tar road sumore..will surely b injured..grass not so bad..but still got d muddddd...yuckkk..committee so clean unlike d members full wif dirt..kena tackle onto mud..n den drag along the mud due to the momentum..can enjoy some mud ice cream also..blek..haha..den go KH block bathe in underwear wif other muddy commitee(loser mud means kena teruk teruk an egg on d head to top it of for ragu i rmbr in one of d year)..bathe in d middle of night and morning ler..worse thg is not d mud though..gotta b d wind and d chill at nite..esp at pfs..its colder at nite in pfs den other places..smtg like d beach like cold water..hahaha...cold therapy..hmm..those were d days i'm not sure if i will ever get to live once more..hopefully tis year i wud b able to get d chance to do it again a sign of saying goodbye to d good ol' times as future beckons..hmmm..i can't rmbr d last nite i had so much siaoness going on..when was d last time i'm asking myself now..form 5? not reli..form 4 i think..that was d last one i think..means almost 3years wonder i miss it so much..hmm..ponder and ponder..okie d ler..i'm gonna nap much memories..i'm glad i didn't juz study in high sch unlike in college..hmm..but uni will prove to be different year ler..hehe..plan everythg nicely..probably different sort of fun though..clubs and the likes seems to be favoured alot here..but dun tink i'm into dat type wif fun altho once awhile is fun..hmm..ok liao..make it a point..sleep..zzz